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What is pelvic steaming? (vaginal steam * v-steam * yoni steam * peristeam)

A healing modality from all over the world that uses steam and herbs to support pelvic health and postpartum recovery.

What are the benefits?

Pelvic steaming is a powerful tool for postpartum recovery and it can address a myriad of gynecological complaints. It supports regular, pain-free menstrual cycle, fertility, healing, and relaxation.

Is it always good for everyone?

NO. There are specific contraindications as well as sensitivities to be aware of.

Basic Sessions

A steam session (45-60 minutes) includes an intake process to determine the best herb blend, length of steam, and steam frequency. Clients sit on a special stool over a pot of herbs that is warm and comfortable (not hot!). I offer sessions in my home ($40) or yours ($50), or consults via email ($27).

Mini Steam Retreat 

A gathering of friends that includes pelvic steaming, journalling, and guided visualizations. 2-6 people, $40 each. 2 hours. (Foot soaks for friends who don’t want to or can’t steam.)

Postpartum Steam Package

This package includes 2 home visits for the first and last steams, intake with steam plan recommendations directions for a month of steaming, herbs, weekly check ins, and use of a stool. $275

Postpartum Steam Consult

This includes a consult with intake and steam plan recommendations and directions, and follow up check ins. $97

A little about Kestrel Gates . . .

Kestrel is the author of the Build Your Nest postpartum planning workbook and a La Leche League leader here in Astoria, Oregon. She is a certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute. Her home is a bit of an art farm, with a paper light studio in the barn, herbs and indigo growing in the garden, a small flock of sheep, and two homeschooled children.

Please email me with questions or to schedule.