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All mothers need and deserve rest, support, and care after birth.

A postpartum plan can make that happen.

Hi, I’m Kestrel.
I’m a mother and postpartum educator on the Oregon coast.
I want you to have the rest and support you need when your baby is born.
Out of my deep respect for the impact this time has on mothers and babies, I have written the Build Your Nest postpartum planning workbook.

Postpartum Planning Workbook

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Whether you are a mother or a birth professional you will appreciate this comprehensive list!

The postpartum period, also called the “baby moon” or the “fourth trimester,” has a huge impact on both you and your baby.
It is precious and fleeting, and like no other time in our lives. It is a wild ride. And it’s the beginning of a new life – for all of you.
My Postpartum Workbook simplifies the process of preparing for your baby and your emergence as parents, making it easier for you, and your support team in the first months as a new family -whether this is your first born or your 5th! I look to traditional postpartum practices that honor women with care, and I celebrate each woman finding her own way as a mother.

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